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Decorating can be tricky in modern homes. Spaces are getting smaller so there is barely any room for d├ęcor. Even furniture pieces are becoming more minimalist and streamlined to fit the housing units. Traditional ones with their bulk simply would not fit. Storage space is a perennial problem such that many households look quite disorganised. Creative solutions have included expanded shelving which take up little floor space while maximizing the wall space. In this type of situation, one can barely find any suitable areas for indoor plants. However, it is still possible to add a splash of green using botanical prints.

Extra information about botanical prints

Can Be Placed on Any Wall 

Most plants require a good amount of exposure to sunlight in order to grow. That means the area near your window will have to be cleared to add your plants. What if you already have something else in mind for this? What if plants simply won't fit given the existing room configuration? In contrast, botanical prints can be hung on any wall. It would be nice to place it near the windows for illumination but it is obviously non-essential. You can even put it in your bedroom, in the kitchen, or anywhere else that needs a bit of colour. If you want to add a bit of drama, then install lights that can draw more attention to these prints.

Endless Design Options Available

These prints come in so many different sizes and designs. Whatever your preferences are, you are sure to one or more that will agree with your aesthetics. Many of them can be found online so you won't even have to leave your home just to shop. If you have a specific design in mind, then you might want to consider looking for rubber printing services. Tell the shop what's on your mind and watch in awe as they bring it to life. Put this in a nice frame and the results will amaze you. You can also do the same with art prints and portraits.

Ease of Maintenance

These might not look as a lively as real plants but they also don't need a lot a work. You won't have to water them every day or have them trimmed from time to time. Just wipe the dust off and they will look good as new. This might not seem like much but the cumulative time and effort saved can certainly be substantial.